When you start a construction project for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by what comes your way. Therefore we offer several services to help you realize your architectural project ánd to establish a smooth and transparent design and construction process.

1. Our main task is to design creative and sustainable spatial solutions.

We do this in close collaboration with you as a client. The process is divided into several phases. With every phase we deliver the architectural drawings in more and more detail. It allows you as a client to have control of the process and to experience a clear hierarchy in the decision making process.

Furthermore we offer:

2. Exploratory sketches and studies to visualize your initial wishes and explore the possibilities of your project before you decide to start a project. Sometimes a small intervention offers great prospects!
3. Feasibility studies for housing projects, but also for offices and public works.
4. We will guide you through the relevant regulations: ie. building regulations, zoning plans and the rules for permit-free construction.
5. We take care of permit applications and the ‘beauty commission’ (welstand in Dutch) presentations.
6. We supervise or assist you with tender procedures for contractors.
7. Cost overview and budget monitoring.
8. We represent your esthetical interests during the construction process and chair construction team meetings.

Together we decide which tasks apply to your project. We will make a tailor-made quotation for you.